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T’Challa, a descendent of Wakanda, the most secretive but advanced kingdom, must bring his country closer to the new future and meet the challenge of his country’s past.


After Ryan Kugler’s events in Captain America: The Civil War, King T’Challa returnsWakis is the headquarters of African-soled peoples, a high-tech African country to be a new leader in his country. However, T’Challaon soon found himself on the throne of his country’s faction. When conspiring for two enemiesWakud destroyed, the hero, Black Panther, worked with Everett K. Ross and Mil Milay, with the Wakandan special forces that Wakanda did not participate in the world war.

T’Challa, after his father’s death, returns to the home by the Wakoda, isolated, technologically advanced, with the African nation, to take him to the throne and take his king as king.

Director: Ryan Kugler

Writers: Ryan Kugler, Joe Robert Cole

Stars: Chadwick Bosman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyon’o

Types:Action | Adventure | Sci-fi

Country: USA

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