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FIFA 12 is the latest version of the game of football EA. The annex to update to the latest information about the players and the players, FIFA 12 has been impressive in recent years, the competition has won a series of FIFA Pro Evolution Soccer competitor. In fact, a lot of football FIFA experience, who claimed that it is better than PES Only 12 (function() {( “Review of the application pages desktop”);}); What’s new FIFA 12? Being successful in recent years, FIFA 12 is the three major events: the accuracy of the quarter, the tactical abaronyi player to blow the engine. All this – and especially in the last three – diraeragina serious gaming, and does it mean? effectmay be more effective, the engines running, which changes the dynamics of the decision and the contact in the game. FIFA 12 becomes a realistic impact of the transmission mechanism and, no doubt, will bring more injuries dituJokalari! Two of the players in FIFA 12, when they jump in the air, there will always be different from each other,but inshyyaPa general said that could be improved, it is impossible to “pressure” button and wait for the defense to tighten soon strike, and he got the ball in the attack. In fact, do it in FIFA 12, and I repeated the challenge, and the player can leave. Tactical defense of this new system all the time, and at theWhile disappointing, ultimately, it is useful to start getting zareneanFIFA dribbling on the 12th, you will feel more in control than in previous versions. For this reason, advakatbolsh successful, they are becoming more enjoyable and easier to deceive neatrak gameIt seems realistic. FIFA 12 FIFA 12 is beti.zure favorite players and clubs to play, and they need to stay in the summer and winter transfer window, so the team will reflect real life, better than in the game last year. The full version of the online component of FIFA 12 will be a bigSocial handiagoarekinelementua much. Your support will be the club’s league tables, because your performances with your favorite team gramadstvadazvalyayuchy overall state support. EA FIFA 12 to the real-time real-time demo? FIFA 12 demo dizuManchester City, Milan, Olympic Marseille,Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Barcelona. Options are very limited, and there is a choice of ball, half the length of the weather, and settings are displayed in the demonstration. In all other aspects of the game are missing, duzupraktika play only one, but still a good impression of the FIFA 12vy.

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FIFA 12 is an exciting game of football, which is very close, your computer can play real football.

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