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FIFA 18 feels indifferent. The dignity of FIFA 18 has appeared

The game, but it is simply not allowed to look bad. Unfortunately, a

Delivery “decent” is not enough. A revolution too

FIFA’s (function) {(‘review-app-page-desktop’) is a modest step. What is the new demo? FIFA 18 has four new features: a new cross system gives you more freedom to overcome the ball, CristianoRonaldo’s participation Great for you to transfer your skills to the gameTechniques, players act like reality and like a cherry, we have a complete deviation against the devil, the merging of all the innovations is much more physical and tactical. never What you notice most is that each player is the only one. For example, Bakayoko and Kante are two Chelsea highlights. One of the most notable changes in the game is that it is not enough to successfully push a single toebutton today. In addition, if you make a mistake in punishing hardnessIf you’re trying to recover the problem with the FIFA 17 show, something new was missing when The Journey was missing. Yes, FIFA 18 is a lot more beautiful, tactile and more physical, but little else. It is not the revolution that EA Sports promoted through its launch and marketing campaigns. Additionally, there was a shortage of news about many FIFA 17 issues, such as Aliens and AI’s radical behavior, as if it were still not news. FIFA 18 Ultimate TeamIn the case when the whole game opens, Ronaldo Nazario, Diego Maradona, Pel Ronaldhino will have legends available to you. FUT represents at different times in races in the football world. Daily and weekly goals were also the return of Journey, with the hero Hunter. In this type of story, we will be actors of the cast, among others, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, James Harden … campaigns for shorter goals, Alex customized and otherYou will also bring second-level characters through mini-campaigns, which will unblock you, enhancing the FIFA 18’s significant form. The faces are more realistic, the movements are more fluid and the stadiums have more details. If they were immersed, like football in real play, FIFA continues to do what you want.

The spectacular onedemo is nothing spectacular. There is nothing revolutionary. This is the word that we have repeatedly considered about the FIFA 18 demonstration. Every yearGiven the high progress we are making, PES and PES 2018 is no exception, “decent” is not enough. We assume that football fans’ fans feel the same way.

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