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Insanicvarium is a puzzle game made of cardboard, oriented around a bright aquarium. Your tank contains many different types of fish that you need to eat. Some fish eat fish food, and others – fishermen. But preserving your fish is not the only task: hostile aliensalso appear in the tank should fight. In addition to the standard incident mode, the game presents other game modes, including virtual tanks, such as the sandbox. Give fish and fight strangers. Features of colorful animated graphics and interestingthe gameplay of the puzzle. various game modes allow you to increase the value of playback – after the Adventure mode is over you can do more difficult tests or just play in a virtual base or a hidden free game mode. Unlike most puzzles, this elementhas a significant resource management element that will attract fans of strategic gambling. Borotba with foreigners and feeding fish is simple in terms of necessary action, but still following the necessary resources can be a challenge. (Function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);});The puzzles in puzzleInsaniquarium themselves are an interesting combination of various game styles wrapped in fun-loving children’s visual effects. This premise does not make sense, but managing the fish’s score – fun, and sometimes strange – is a very difficult way of conducting the time

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