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release info

– Language: English (and US)

– Channel: Share license

– Version:

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Stability tools: English, French, Spanish

– Updated 14 June 2016

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Default custom settings (slightly changed from thewhole – the latest official tool)

– Skip the EULA

– translation – Office 2016, by default, everything is set to speed up the project menu without a subdirectory full menu.

In which included local shortcuts for customization file management office suite, Microsoft Office 2016 and 2016 subdirectory subdirectory office tools Tools

– English installed as default settings for all applications and functions, except tomorrow business * (2016 Office ProPlus) and work Telemetría** (2016 workplaces / applications) – You can of course change all options if you want

* Business for Tomorrow (such as to install what he needs to install or not to accept “option update, Microsoft Update)

That is, you will set up the default business tomorrow or the client computer is already installed or not Skype.

If you choose to install Tomorrow Business Job Setup to run the setup wizard tomorrow, what you request to monitor with Windows Start Click Install Crasvoca isset to Bing Browser which is the MSN Homepage and requires you to register.

Here is where the confusion begins. What exercises should I do? If you prefer to use your existing Skype name (personal / home), you should not configure any computer for the identity of both – MSN personal account of tomorrow’s business. If you choose a Microsoft account to create a new work address, I live there – you probably do not want to.

** Telemetría work (if you do not want to share data)

TelemetríaBoard display names and letter titles among users on a recently used list are not personal to disclose confidential information about the user or organization. Now add the names of your work and other solutions that appear on the screen.

The agent collect inventory uses Telemetría and data files application for a shared directory where the process of cooking Telemetría interserunturet attention to the SQL database. Who connects to the tableTelemetría database used in the office filecan be, and add-on solutions.

good guide

– Microsoft KMSpicoToolkit Beta + 5 (Activators)

– UBitMenu Personalization (2003 Add Workplace Tools and Menus 2016) – Is Private Practice Free

– Previous versions of Uninstallers (2016 Office, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Miss / write reformulate all character, option is applied to service (member file)

-Disable / service pay Telemetría 2016 (Rule File)


– x86;

– x64;

Formal and public previous versions

The ability to be parallelTo run versions of Microsoft Office 2016, be removed by release.

It is also not necessary to ask, delete, and installer before reading the previous one. You can not translate a translation, old or work from other components. A Older Version of Outlook 2013/2010 Placements in 2016.

In other words, I do not write the version of Troy’s duty.

To manually remove it, you can use / remove / remove taskbar for previous versions (including Word to Folder).

thisUtne who tracks the system to work.

gap Microsfot Office 2016 Volume Edition

Click2Run by editors who update programs in Volume Edition does not provide an account page (File – Accounts – News).

6 2016 version upgrades in the office, they should be able to get ‘Get updates from Microsoft for others’ in Windows Update.


– The 64-bit version only works for 64-bit systems

– Operating System: Windows 10 SP1 + 10 Server 2012 Server R2 / 2012 / R2, 2008

requirement.NET version of the network. Some of the features or the CLR of NET, and may be installed may require


– Remove all preinstalled versions using the provided Uninstallers (bonus folder) and reload if necessary

– Mount ISO / ISO file

– Install service components

– With an active KMSpico / Microsoft Toolkit 5 beta, please complete the installation of all products

– Disable / 2016 Telemetría Duty Payment – Merger File Reg Disable / 2016 Telemetría Pligslone”(reboot as soon as the device takes your limit)

-Disable / write rehapulated all subscription, option is applied to service – add file Retry / Restore Login ‘(reload your machine if necessary)

– Install UBitMenu customization (optional)

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