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Operating systems, web browsers, media Microsoft covers everything except for security applications so far, with Microsoft’s security release for several months in beta,Microsoft has invested in the final version of its security application, though I have to say that Microsoft Security Essentials has not changed significantly in the final version. There is also a simple and clear graphical interface with four main areas where users can display system security status,Update definitions of viruses and spyware, check the history of the objects found earlier and set the application settings (function {) {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);)); Microsoft Securiti Essentials consists of three types of scanning – fast, expedient or each. They may be set during a trip or specific location and may be modified for work when the computer is not actually used.By itself, Microsoft Security Essentials automatically updates the database and integrates fully into Windows Explorer and Windows Firevall. It also has a Restore Points, if you want to restore too much enthusiasm. Security EssentialsIs Microsoft’s first attempt to secure a stand-alone security for home use. Due to the ease and comfort of newcomers, it may not be the best choice for a dedicated user or professional system administrator, but for the average user, covering the entire database.However, beware that Microsoft Securiti Essentials does not break files – it will be deleted in case of security. Important is the gentle introduction to the homeland security that is confusing to your computer.

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