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You are a lonely survivor of a devastating fall of the plane and you found yourself stuck in a huge and mysterious forest lived by the cannibals. Use your wisdom to save your life and development or the first with this great surprise. You enter the real world in which trees and plants canUse for your benefit. Have a maze of underground climbing and caves to explore. Build campsites or fire at trees. You are looking for food to stop being hungry. Do something from a small shelter to a large fortress next to the ocean. The safety of the nervous system by locating traps and othersprotection. Use the sunlight to build and harvest and prepare yourself and protect yourself at night. Remove tools and weapons and upset yourself, face the enemy’s head. You can capture the fearsome tribal fights of a cannibalistic mutant (function {) {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’)}); Reallysurvival and fear of this game are highly developed, have a nice picture, they believe in sound effects. Different aliens are well developed with a high degree of depth. Unlike some games where we are attacking an attack, it seems that they are planning and implementing their movements with greater complexity.

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